The art of corpsing

I confess, right here, that I am a terrible one for collapsing into giggles.

Thankfully I’ve not done it for years mid performance, but rehearsals are another matter all together.

Often I can be found losing my composure, only to snap back into the role seconds later. Occasionally, more frequently than I would like known, I get a case of the giggles to such a degree that I can barely breath.

Pretty it ain’t!

At the moment I am deep in rehearsals for a delightful play called The Golf Umbrella by William Douglas Home. I pitched to direct but casting issues means I am acting and directing.

One job or the other is challenging enough, but both together???

Yikes, is indeed the word.

But, the fun! The fun is enormous.

I picked my cast well and my crew even better and the collaboration is pure dynamite. Like touching magnesium to a flame.

The ideas are flowing, and the minds just the right side of dirty. Just like my own.

And that very combination tickles my funny bone shamelessly. And everyone else’s too. Thankfully we are all old pros so we shake it off, and on with the show.

All except AM, who manages to keep his reserve through the funniest of situations. But last night was different. Twice, not once, but twice, we had him doubling up in hilarity.

Refreshing just wasn’t the word.

One of the best rehearsals I’ve been involved in.

Magic in a room personified.




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