Audience With Murder – final curtain

The last few weeks have been a fight with lines that refused to be learned.

This play has got some horrible lines to learn. Quite often the characters have to say the same thing about three different ways, and boy does that make it very confusing.

On the 2nd to last rehearsal before the tech and dress, a fellow cast member was having one hell of an evening. The whole rehearsal nearly every line she had she either garbled or completely forgot – it basically boiled down to a terrible case of the collywobbles. Poor MG!

(Nerves are great when you have control of them, they do wonders to enhance your performance. When you don’t have control of them they can bring you to your knees. )

Of course, then the rest of us got thrown off.

But it gave us all the kick in the rear end we needed because the next rehearsal, the final one, was an absolute blinder. Act 1 lines were near as dammit perfect, Act 2 was fine but needed some work.

Massive relief all round!

Tech rehearsal was something else altogether. Everything that could go wrong did, including as one point broken glass all over the stage! Smashing, indeed.

Dress went well, another broken glass notwithstanding.

And as for the run itself, wowzers about covers it, I think. What an adrenaline rush!

Every night was real test for how well we knew our lines as we performed mental gymnastics to make sure we got back on track after veering wildly off! Such a rush, and not a particularly comfortable one, but we got through it and we got away with it. Great audience reactions and comments.

And the final night was our crowning glory. We aced the performances, got the lines down – in short the best we’ve ever done it!

We ended on a high note, huzzah!