Personal space. Some people are happier getting physically closer than others. Some people absolutely hate any kind of physical contact at all.

Actors, as a very general rule, are pretty tactile people. They are regularly forced into unusually intimate situations with people they barely know, be they romantic in nature, or violent. But, and here’s where it can get awkward, not everyone is comfortable with it.

I am a tactile creature. Unless someone is a problem for me then I am comfortable having my personal space encroached upon – I’ve written in this blog about kisses and romantic clinches I have acted out. I have no problem with stunts and action. If a play or director requires it, I am, generally speaking, up for anything. Except taking off my clothes… under no circumstances will I do that. (You all can breath a sigh of relief now!)

Audience With Murder is proving to be quite action heavy from my perspective with me having to beat people up and be dragged about. Oh, and weapons, I get weapons!

If you hadn’t guessed I’m loving every minute of the action and stunt work. For years I’ve watched with envy as my fellow cast mates – usually the blokes – got to die in spectacular ways, and throw punches and things. Now it is my turn – hooray!

We’ve tried the action one way, and then another, and we are still tweaking it here and there. It is getting better every time, and I think we have it sussed, but I am game for it all.

Anyway, I digress!

Awkward, that is what this is about.

Yes, awkward.

We’ve been rehearsing twice a week since early January, and we are going on stage in roughly 5 weeks time and, until this week, the kiss had not been broached. Time was pressing on, so our intrepid leader GC decided that time to get on with it.

The couple involved in this clinch are SR, who is fairly new to the theatre world, and MB, who is a seasoned pro, but has not had to do anything like this for quite some time.

It took about an hour, with the couple in question on stage, plus the 2 other actors (JG and me) plus the director, (GC) and his wife/the SM, (LC) in the auditorium breaking it down and working it out. The complete madness of this set up (at the time I did think that it was a bit like a ‘how many people does it take to … ‘ joke) made it hilarious which immediately diffused the situation. By the end of the rehearsal MB and SR had it down and it was working an absolute treat.

Fast forward to tonight’s rehearsal. Will it all still work? Or will more work be needed? … … …???







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