all a bit wrong

We’re well on the way with putting the play together. Initial blocking is sorted and now we are adding in the little touches.

Adding in the little touches is the fun bit: we’re familiar with the text we know the moves, and that is when a bit of creativity starts to flow.

Of course with the fun comes nonsense and messing about and messing up.

Five weeks into the rehearsal period, five weeks, that’s nearly at the half way point, my cast member JG finally points out to me that I am missing a whole syllable from a word. I am saying recrimations instead of recriminations – idiot that I am! Anyway last night I finally got it right: cue a cheer from my cast mates, and a silly dance from me.

Another time we came to a scene where I have been coming from stage left and it was decided that I should come on stage right instead. Last rehearsal I was back stage all ready to come on, I open the door and step onto the stage and I realised I’m on the wrong side of the stage! Woops! I dashed back through the door ran across the back of the stage and sauntered on back on through the other door. Very smooth! Everyone is either looking at me like I’m mad (as if they’ve not figured it out already!) or falling about giggling.

Of course, the best bits won’t come to mind until we are off book, so as of this weekend I am on operation line learning. A tedious job as you just have to knuckle down and do the donkey work. The reward being the fun of rehearsals when everyone is off book and things just flow – that’s when the real magic starts appearing.


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