Humdrum to Highjinks

I’d  had a tiresome day at work yesterday, and the manic excitement of last week’s discovery that I would have stunts and fighting to do has worn off to more of a quiet hum at the back of my head.

Rehearsal last night rumbled along in the typically early-days-fiddly way of stopping and starting. Breaking the section down and blocking it out until it felt right and looked right.Going over it again.

There is one section in act 2 where a detective (SR) interrogates one person (MB) and then sends them away and interrogates the second person (me). SR and MB went through the lines, working out the moves, all’s well and good. I come one, MB goes off.

SR and I run through our lines. My position gets moved about, SR paces about behind me. We run it again, all the same as usual until SR gets a bright idea. All of a sudden he’s growl-shouting. Right in my ear.

For a bloke who must be 6 foot he can move pretty damn quietly and he can growl pretty damn loudly.

To say I yelled is far from overstating it. I think I probably more like bellowed, and jumped a good foot off my chair!



Followed immediately by a huge fit of the giggles that I could not stop for several minutes.

SR is a toad of the first order!

He’s also, or course, a good bloke, and we wouldn’t be without him…. but he’s definitely a toad.

Needless to say my tiresome day was long forgotten: rehearsal works it’s healing magic again!



Audience With Murder

‘Audience With Murder’ is a play, a comedy thriller, so tricky to write a synopsis for that all Samuel French, the publishers could write was the following:

This intriguing and multi-layered, witty thriller is full of unexpected twists. A Russian doll of a play, it moves from a seemingly innocuous domestic play reading, through a murder mystery in the classic style, to a final terrifying and violent climax.

As you can see it tells you absolutely sod all.

And after I read the script for the first time I could see why, and I must say The Stage summed it up best in their review of it’s run the the Edinburgh Festival in 2004:

“It is no accident that the Jermyn Street playbill for this comedy thriller is free of all descriptive matter, save for a photograph of the play script … To offer more could spoil the surprise that, with a string of startling denouements, utterly confounds audience expectations …” 

A bit of a brain frazzler to say the very least.

And the intrepid little theatre group I belong to has picked this play as it’s next production. Very exciting stuff.

We go on in April, and rehearsals started last week. Illness (the dreaded nasty cold bugs doing their seasonal rotation caught me in their grasp) kept me away last week, so this is my 1st week, and Monday was my first rehearsal.

GC is in the director’s chair, and I along with MB, JG and SR are on acting duties.

We started on Monday with act 2, mainly because JG couldn’t make it, and he is not in act 2 all that much, and I ended rehearsal with the biggest grin.

Several times I have watched on with envy as my fellow thespians got to block out and rehearse action sequences and stunts. I was thrilled to discover that in act 2 I get thrown about the stage and I get to use not just one, but two, count ’em, two, weapons.


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