Bouncers – Week 1 – Read through

… and we’re back on the merry-go-round!

This time we’re doing Bouncers by John Godber, a very clever play, very unlike anything our little theatre group has done before.

I’m very excited, we’re stretching our comfort zone and testing our audience. Not in any sort of massive way but this play is definitely something different.

And the best thing of all is that we are not afraid to try it!

Anyway… the play. Gethyn’s directing, I’m Stage Managing. Sound guy is in talks, as they say. The cast is Jeff, Mike, Anthony and Andy.

Which, so far makes me the only female. A female Stage Manager with an all male cast, playing bouncers, no less!

You’ve got to laugh! Priceless!

First read through was this week with rehearsals starting in earnest next week. What a read through: snapping pace, and actors switching characters in a blink of an eye. Wonderful stuff… this really is going to be a great play to rehearse, and has the potential to smack the audience right between the eyes.

Highlight of the night? Four fully grown and very-definitely-men men putting on girly voices. Died laughing. They were naturals, totally nailed it.

Roll on Monday …!