RRG – week 6 – clothes and lines … clothes lines

Act 2 scene 1 is largely about what happens physically rather than the words. Whilst important, they don’t tell the audience a whole heck of a lot. And in that scene I… well the gods clearly hate me, because I have to wear a dress.

shoot me now

Okay, so I’m exaggerating, it’s not THAT awful wearing a dress, I just do so only when I HAVE to, and because I only wear dresses when I have to I’m not used to moving around in them, so this week I’ve started bringing one with me to rehearsal.

Well, you know how you hear actors talking about how putting on a costume, if the clothes are completely alien to anything they would wear normally, sort of brings the character to life for them? Whilst I agree it is a very actor-y thing to say, there is a huge grain of truth to it.

You walk, crouch, sit …. everything  differently when you have a dress on, and it really made a difference to how I approached certain lines and bits of action… the trials of being a girl, who’s a complete tomboy! Lol!

Jeannie has been putting the book down for sections here and there for a week or two, which is bad enough, but this week Mike put his book down for act 2 scene 1 – the very scene which he and I are in – showing me up no end. Swots, the pair of them!

oh it's on

Well that went and ignited my competitive spirit and, fear be damned, I was determined to get my book down for the whole of act 1 for the second rehearsal.

Second rehearsal came, and the book went down, and it … WASN’T the car wreck I was afraid it was going to be. I fluffed lines, but not that many, thank goodness!

Now to focus on Act 2 … can I get the book down for tomorrow’s rehearsal and not make a total tit out of myself?

Here’s hopin’!



RRG – week 5 – Genius is in the details

count down

Week 5… that means 10 weeks to go until show week! Where is time going?

Thankfully I’ve rough-learned all of the first 3 scenes, just the 4th to go. Line polishing to do and then the book will be down… that’s a scary moment – the first time going out without a script in your hand is like flying with nary a net under you. Perhaps I’ll give it a go the week after next…? Maybe…

Anyway, more importantly, what did we do this week?

In the first rehearsal we broke down the steps for one of the ‘smoochy’ bits, sorting out the timing, between Norman (Mike) and Sarah (Jeannie), and working out where Annie (I) come in to interrupt them. I then go on to have a different ‘smoochy’ moment of my own with darling (ha!) Norman directly after – this is not the one against the wall, by the way, which, incidentally, has moved to the bench. Poor Mike is really suffering for art, the poor lamb! Girls falling at his feet.


We also went over  another awkward moment, this time Norman with Reg (Jeff), involving Mike acting very drunk and crying all over Jeff, and us girls walking in on them in a very suspicious position! Hilarious! And, also, there is a window in the set (or there will be once it’s built) through which the audience can see. Peg (director) decided that at various moments actors not on the stage will be seen moving about. Wonderful use of space, and great fun coming up with what we will be doing. Jeff and I have a whole thing planned where I will basically dress him in an apron and marigolds in preparation for doing the washing up!

In the second rehearsal we did the basic blocking for the 4th scene (I can now learn those lines). We’ve spun a slightly different meaning into the final few lines, and, boy, does it make for a clever ending! Very exciting 🙂 Oh, and Gethyn had got over the worst of his nasty cold bug that he had earlier in the week – it was wonderful to have him back.

A busy week altogether… 🙂  squeezing in Phew!



RRG – week 4 – digging deep

Monday – a super stimulating rehearsal going over the 2 scenes we’d done over Christmas and New Year, adding details and altering moves. Lots of discussion about character and motivation, and I made a few discoveries of my own – Annie has passive aggressive streak a mile wide! – and as a result I was wide awake at 4  am with the brain whirring around, going over it all. Highly inconvenient as my alarm goes off at 6.30 am.

Tossing a turning is a pain in the whatsit but it is a good sign – the play is a challenge, one I am already thoroughly enjoying unravelling, even if it does rob me of sleep!

Thursday – we moved on to act 1 scene 2 tonight. I’d not looked at that scene for some time and I was waiting in the wings to come on to walk through the blocking when a thought occured to me that suddenly made the scene make sense.

Playing annie as wound up, akward and impulsive was not comfortable, but felt just right. It just worked. 

I’d worked out that Mother (who we never see, but who dominates over the family) had had one of her turns and Annie would have retreated into her own head. It occured to me that she probably does that quite often and then retaliates on an impulse. Fodder to ponder on for the other scenes.

I have no doubt it will develop and change, for the better, in the weeks to come, but, as a first run of the scene, that was a top drawer rehearsal.

And mike had us all laughing at his playing drunk. Especially when jeff was trying keep him upright on the bench – priceless!