RRG – week 3 – pay back time!

We had Caron this week (she couldn’t make last week) and as her character doesn’t appear until act 2, we jumped to act 2, scene 1. What a scene!

It’s quite complex because the dialogue is pretty dense in the beginning laying the path for the final part of the scene which is more physical. I (Annie) come on as Ruth and Tom are finishing a hugely convoluted conversation where she is trying to tell him to give Annie compliments, and instead he thinks Ruth is telling him she loves him. Then when Ruth goes Tom confesses that Ruth fancies him … Not the sharpest tool in the box, my stage boyfriend! So wonderfully written it’s a joy to play with. (In fact since the rehearsal on Monday I’ve learnt 3 pages of script already, it is so frustrating not being able to stretch yourself at rehearsal that the chore becomes… well I won’t say not a chore, because it’s as boring as hell, but you get motivated by the idea of being able to really get stuck in. Well, I do any way… !)

The second part of the scene is a ball game (I am not the most coordinated of people so this will be very interesting when we start introducing a ball to rehearsals) followed by a conversation. In the back ground of the conversation Annie (me) and Norman get into a clinch, Tom sees this and retaliates with Ruth.

Physical acting is great fun but extremely time consuming to work out and rehearse, it all needs choreographing so that it looks good. We gave the game and then the-manoeuvring-of-Annie-by-Norman a basic frame that works really well. We’ll add to it in the weeks to come as Peg, the director gets ideas, and as we become familiar with what we are doing and with the lines.

Oh, boy! Karma really came to get me in this bit!

In two of the plays I’ve directed I’ve had characters being shoved against walls in fights. This time, it’s me that gets shoved against a wall, but not in a fight, I get shoved romantically! And, sod’s law, the two actors I’ve shoved against walls are my cast mates: Jeff (he plays Reg, my stage brother) and Mike (Norman, who does the shoving)! On top of it all I learnt that said walls are damn cold, shudder. Ain’t pay back a bitch! lol!

Oh and Reg is SO annoying – well played Jeff – almost cringeworthy, it’s wonderful, and to make it worse, Peg had the idea that he needs an irritating laugh. Genius!


Today is New Year’s Eve so I’ll wish you all an early Happy New Year!

We’ve been slacking it the last three weeks due to the festive season, so we kick off 2015 with the start of the usual two rehearsals a week which will mean twice the fun!



RRG – week 2 – breaking ground

First rehearsal and we had the 5 actors we needed to start at the beginning and to …  well I see is as getting some paint on the canvas.

My character, Annie, says the first line – that never becomes undaunting: what happens.if i freeze and can’t remember that line?!!! – and Peg, the director had the idea that there will be no curtain and that I will be ‘titting about in the garden’ for about 5 minutes before.the play starts. That’s the official term, titting about!

We got the first scene roughly blocked, and we ran it twice. It always surprises me how, on the second run through, I can give what i’m saying much more depth, especially in these very early stages. Well, perhaps not that surprising, there is a familiarity with the lines the second time through, and also the words have context: I have movement to associate with the words and i also know what to expect from my cast mates.

The first run through was, typically, fraught with giggles (cast mates surprising eachother with bits of cleverness and silliness) and lots of back and forth from everyone with ideas for moves and characterisation. A real cacophony of creative fun.

For me.it was all a bit awkward but great fun, but then my character is horribly out of her comfort zone trying desperately to get SOMETHING to change and looking to the wrong people to help her. It would help if she liked them … that would be a good start! Poor Annie.

In short a wonderful first rehearsal 🙂

It Christmas Day in 48 hrs – my favourite holiday – have a Merry Christmas everyone!





RRG – week 1 – read through

We had the first rehearsal which was actually a read through and official casting. The play is even better with the actors reading the parts (compared to the voices in my head), we giggled and laughed – a wonderful comfy atmosphere which bodes well for happy rehearsals.

So who’s who?


Norman – played by Mike

Tom – played by Gethyn

Sarah – played by Jeannie

Annie – played by me, Cams

Reg – played by Jeff

Ruth – played by Caron

Directed by Peg, set and costume design by Brenda, set build by Jim and Pat. Stage Manager (sm for short) is stuart, lights will be operated by patrick. Other crew roles to be filled.

We’ve all worked together before, some of us have known each other for years. It is going to be a lot of laughs and great fun. We’ll be like pigs in mud 🙂

pig mud

Ahem… i can hear the cries, now: speak for yourself, Cams! Well, i am!

The last play i blogged i was writing from the p.o.v. of director so it was a very broad overview of everything. This time i’ll be writing as an actor, i’ll only have my part (character building and lines and interaction with other actors) to worry about, as opposed to everything about the whole play. It’s a very interesting exercise  for me. I hope you’ll enjoy it!



RRG – week 0.5 – oh, the anticipation

We’ve wound down from the last show, the set has been struck from the stage and everything has been tidied away. It’s time to gear up for the next one… no rest for the wicked!

The play we are doing this time is an Alan Ayckbourn, one of the Norman’s Conquests, called Round and Round the Garden. It’s funny, laugh-out-loud funny and the best bit is that I am acting in this one – yay!

Peg is directing (she did lights in Theft), and Brenda and Jim are back on set building duty (amazing set in Theft).

Rehearsals start tomorrow and I’ve got wonderful fellow cast-mates and I am really looking forward to getting into the rehearsal process. 😀