Theft – week 8 – just one more thing

Say the phrase ‘Just one more thing’ to me and immediately Peter Falk playing Columbo pops into my head. Happens every time.

As I read this play for the first time, back at the beginning of this year, Columbo popped into my head again. Not only does the character Spriggs wear a raincoat much like the one sported by the famous  detective, but, in his attempts to convince the inhabitants of the house he is burgling that he is one, he also puts on the façade of a police detective. He even has a ‘just one more thing’ moment to boot!


The set. Oh, wow, the set is coming along leaps and bounds. I was reduced to squealing like a big girl once again, all because the French doors now have door handles, and because Spriggs’ cupboard is up.

The way MC falls out of that cupboard has been given added depth all because he has an actual cupboard to actually fall out of! Wonderful stuff 🙂

We’ve been focussing on act 1 again this week, adding in all the little golden details about movements and character and line delivery. It is developing famously and, with that and continued line learning, it is starting to look really very good, indeed. Great stuff!

Act 2 next week, and there are some wonderful bits of action for us to play with. Fisticuffs and kisses and giggles, oh my!

pig mud




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