Theft – week 7 – keeping on keeping on

After all the excitement last week GC has settled in nicely to the role of Trevor putting his own stamp on it, and we are now back to simply cracking on.

We’ve done the primary blocking and now we are adding in all the details – the fun bit. We are a few weeks behind due to the change in cast member but everyone is rallying and we are making huge progress with lots of laughter along the way. PG took over for part of last week while I was away and I saw what they’d done, really lovely stuff going on and we added even more this week. Tremendous creative atmosphere!

On a slightly scarier note, I nearly had a heart attack when I discovered that we had seven weeks until show week.



Yeah, yikes sums it up very nicely! After the heart beat went back to normal and I realised how far the cast have come with the line learning, and how much we’d got done with blocking and character development I realised that worry is for wusses;  we’ve got this covered!


What else did I do?

I finally finalised the synopsis that will go out on the publicity:


‘Theft’ by Eric Chappell

It’s John and Barbara’s 20th wedding anniversary and John has invited old friends Trevor and Jenny down to his country house for the weekend. They go out for dinner and come back to find they have been burgled, and that the burglar is still inside the house!

The burglar is none other than Spriggs, and in his desperate attempts to talk himself to freedom he reveals all manner of secrets that the keepers had thought well and truly hidden.

Will marriages and life-long friendships ever be the same again?

Will Spriggs manage to escape? Will Barbara eventually get rid of that statuette?

Theft is a tongue-in-cheek delight, packed with daring reversals and stinging one-liners about marriage, money and crime.


Oh, and huge excitement – we have a poster! Our girl, ST, did an amazing job, I love it. Here it is:

IMG-20140915-00118 (2)

I know, right? A really great poster 🙂

I also did a first draft of the programme and the tickets are ready to print.

Next week, we’ll finish Act 1, then the week after we’ll hit act 2 and then it’s all about polishing.

All good stuff!




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